Veterinary Initiative for Endangered Wildlife

Our mission is to protect endangered wildlife by tackling the health threats they face in their native habitats.

Yellowstone Initiative

VIEW is starting an initiative in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem focusing on protecting our priority Yellowstone species by targeting key heath threats they face in their native habitat.  VIEW will be partnering with local organizations and agencies to implement disease surveillance of priority species.  Disease surveillance efforts are the first step to understanding health risks.

“Only when we understand can we care.  Only when we care shall we help. Only if we help will all be saved.”   Jane Goodall


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Wildlife Health

Tremendous effort and time has been invested to protect wildlife critical habitat, reduce poaching and trade.  Wildlife share disease with both domestic animals and people which has caused devastating endangered wildlife population decline. VIEW was founded from the urgent need to include wildlife health into conservation initiatives.

VIEW is the only wildlife conservation organization focused solely on addressing the health threats of endangered wildlife as part of a comprehensive strategy.  

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Save a Tiger

Tigers and other endangered species are fragile populations that need help both as an entire population as well as individually.  VIEW is applying known science to build sustainable wildlife health programs that are both scalable and replicable.

In Nepal, VIEW has worked with local and global partners to include wildlife health into the local conservation efforts.  VIEW has helped to built a successful wildlife health program in Chitwan National Park from which other countries can replicate.  

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Wildlife Health Initiative in Nepal: 5 year review 2012-2017

Thank You to Daniel J. Cox

A special thanks to Daniel J. Cox of Natural Exposures Wildlife Photography and Nature Pictures, Bozeman Montana for his generosity in allowing us to use his photos for this website. For more information about Daniel’s work visit