History & Leadership

VIEW was launched in 2012 in response to the immediate needs of the Nepal conservation community to address the health issues of their endangered wildlife.  VIEW was granted tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) status in February 2014 by the US Internal Revenue Service.

VIEW is a non-profit conservation organization, governed by a board of directors comprised of veterinary medicine and conservation professionals, each of whom volunteers their time and expertise to further VIEW’s mission.

Board of Directors

Deborah McCauley | Founder & Executive Director

Dr. McCauley is a wildlife veterinarian and has been involved with wildlife disease surveillance, wildlife capture and immobilization, field surgery, field research, disease prevention and response. She founded VIEW in response to the growing threat of disease transmitted by domestic animals and humans to endangered wildlife.

Dr. McCauley is a contract wildlife veterinarian and has participated in wildlife field capture in North America, Africa and Asia. In Nepal she has been working in collaboration with Nepal’s Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation, and National Trust for Nature Conservation helping to develop a disease surveillance and wildlife health program with the emphasis on saving endangered wildlife and training local wildlife professionals. Dr. McCauley has worked with wildlife organizations including Wildlife Conservation Society’s Wolverine Program, Montana’s Fish Wildlife and Parks and ZooMontana.

Gretchen Kaufman | Founder & Associate Director

Dr. Kaufman is a wildlife veterinarian and One Health educator. She holds adjunct faculty appointments at both Washington State and Tufts Universities. In her previous position as Director of the Tufts Center for Conservation Medicine, she led the development and launch of the unique Master’s Program in Conservation Medicine. Dr. Kaufman has conducted international veterinary medical research and service projects in Nepal since 2001. She works with the Nepal veterinary community, the national veterinary school at the Institute for Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) and various animal welfare institutions to promote dog sterilization and rabies vaccination in the country. She also collaborates with Elephant Care International, the National Trust for Nature Conservation (Nepal), and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (Nepal) on various wildlife health research and capacity building projects.

Dr. Kaufman shares the values of VIEW, focusing on the critical need for inclusion of wildlife health in endangered species conservation efforts and the need to seek sustainable solutions to global health challenges facing the world today. She strongly defends the protection of biodiversity as a fundamental key to the health of the planet and all life that benefits from it and continues to pursue and support the practice of conservation medicine.

Dennis J. Keller

Dennis J. Keller is Co-Founder and Retired Chairman and CEO of DeVry Education Group, and currently serves as Director Emeritus and Senior Advisor.  Keller co-founded Keller Graduate School of Management in 1973, and served as Chairman and CEO until 2004 and Chairman until he retired in 2008.  He is a member of the National Board of the Smithsonian Institution.  He is Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago, and co-chairman of the Princeton University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences Leadership Council.  Keller is Chairman of the Board of the Mpala Wildlife Foundation, Chairman of the Equity Group Foundation, also serves as a trustee of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Team Foundation and is a director of VIEW: Veterinary Initiative for Endangered Wildlife.

Keller is a former director of Nicor Inc. and Ryerson Inc., former vice-chairman of the board of trustees at Princeton University, former Vice Chairman of the Chicago Zoological Society (Brookfield Zoo) and former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the African Wildlife Foundation.  In 1963, Keller received his undergraduate degree in economics from Princeton University and a master’s degree in business administra­tion in 1968 from the University of Chicago.  He is a resident of Oak Brook, Illinois, is married and has three sons and eight grandchildren.

David Loseff

David manages private investment and oversees the Canyon Creek Foundation, which supports charitable projects and non-profit organizations in the U.S. and abroad. David previously served as the head of Bank of America’s private equity investment group for Asia which made and managed a diverse portfolio of equity investments throughout Asia, previously set private equity and was Bank of America’s Managing Director for Global Equity Investments which made and managed a diverse array of private equity investments throughout Asia. Having supported numerous non-profit organizations in Asia as well as the US, David is keenly aware of the need for fiscal responsibility, accountability and focusing on developing an effective “charitable business model” to maximize the “social returns on charitable investments.” He is particularly interested in VIEW because it seeks to tackle a very significant and largely unaddressed wildlife conservation issue with proven science by applying best practices to have high impact in a program which can be subsequently scaled both regionally and cross-species.

David earned his Bachelor Degree from Yale University and his Masters Degree from Chicago Business School. He travels between Asia where he resides in Chiang Mai, Thailand and his home in Bozeman, Montana.

Advisory Council

Tierra Smiley Evans, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Tierra Smiley Evans is a wildlife veterinarian and epidemiologist. She has worked in Uganda, Rwanda, Nepal and Myanmar on wildlife health monitoring, diagnostic development and veterinary capacity strengthening projects. Dr. Smiley Evans received her bachelors of science from Santa Clara University, doctorate in veterinary medicine and post-graduate certificate in veterinary medicine from Tufts University and PhD in wildlife epidemiology from the University of California Davis. She is a Fulbright scholar and has taught veterinary and wildlife management students at Makerere University in Uganda.


Colin Gillin, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Colin Gillin is the state wildlife veterinarian for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. He is also a past-president of the American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians and is Chair for the US Animal Health Association Committee on Wildlife Diseases and chairs several wildlife health working groups for the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies.  Colin graduated from the University of Wyoming and Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine.

Raina Plowright, Scientific Advisor

Dr. Plowright is an infectious disease ecologist, epidemiologist, and wildlife veterinarian.  She received her veterinary degree in Australia, and worked as a domestic animal and wildlife veterinarian in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Antarctica. She did a Ph.D. in Ecology and M.S. in Epidemiology at the University of California, Davis and a postdoc at the Center for Infectious Disease Dyanmics at Pennsylvania State University.  She is currently the Assistant Professor at the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Montana State University.


 Ahna Machan | Development Officer

Ahna Machan has 20 years of nonprofit development leadership experience including 13 in global philanthropy. Her career spans regional, national and international philanthropy in 21 countries, ranging from start- ups to institutions, and communications with 70. Ahna has served as consultant, executive director, national director, senior director of development, and philanthropy director for a diverse of nonprofit organizations. Recently, she spent seven years working remotely for The Carter Center to develop strategic partnerships and funding on the West coast – a new region for the Center –, launched the Leadership Liaison brief, organized donor trips to Liberia and Ghana, and participated as a short-term election observer with missions in Liberia, Kenya, Guyana and Burma/Myanmar. She also has worked as National Director of Right to Play, Director of Philanthropy for The Global Fund for Children, Senior Director for CARE, Executive Director of the AGC Education Foundation, and Executive Director of TeenHope.

Ahna has a Master of Arts degree in Whole Systems Design and Systems Renewal Diploma (graduate level) from Antioch University in Seattle, Washington and a Bachelor of Science degree from Portland State University. She also is a certified mediator, arbitrator, coach and facilitator. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, she has made Seattle, Washington her home. Ahna joined the VIEW team in october 2017.

Natalie Pence | Administrative Assistant

Natalie started working for VIEW in 2016. Coming from a long international background that included United Arab Emirates, Germany, Australia, and Ethiopia, she recently settled in Madrid. She was Deputy Director of Head to Toe, a school in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. She has a graduate degree in Human Resource Management and her primary focus is structuring organizations and building teams. She has a great dedication for animal welfare, which she can continue with VIEW.

Natalie helped VIEW set up VIEW’s administrative arm and continues to develop the organizational mechanisms that enables VIEW to function in the field.